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What Am I Going to Drive While My Car Is Being Fixed? What a Headache!

A headache is right!  That’s why we have several transportation options to help ease the stress. There are some restrictions and a limited supply so make sure to contact your Customer Service Rep to see what your best option is to keep you rolling.

Rental Cars

Did you know that 14/69 Auto Body has a great relationship with Enterprise Rental Car, and they are right down the street?  This makes it very easy when picking up and dropping off your car.  We can even schedule for you to be picked up.  Ready to schedule?  Call us and let us know that you need a rental car.   We will take care of all the details including scheduling and verify your insurance coverage.

Shuttle Service

Already have an extra car?  Perfect.  Let one of our friendly staff members take you home or pick you up.  There’s no charge for this service. Just let your Customer Service Rep know you’d like a ride home and we’ll make all the arrangements for you.

We Are Here to Help!