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It is estimated that we spend about 7 percent of our lives driving. That’s a considerable amount of time! If you’re going to be in your car so much, you might as well learn to get the most out of it. Here are five hacks that can make driving and owning it a bit more enjoyable.

  1. We’ve all been there… desperately searching for our car in a full parking lot, looking like a lost puppy. To prevent the problem, take a picture of your car on your smartphone and note the adjacent vehicles. Win!
  2. That hand sanitizer your mother gave you can save you from more than just a bad cold. It can help unfreeze a lock! Yes, the alcohol content can break down ice. Simply squirt some in a resistant lock, and cut down on your time spent freezing outside.
  3. Dentists will love this hack. You can clean foggy headlights using toothpaste. Apply a pea size amount on the headlight, buff it, rinse it and wipe it, and your headlight will look good as new!
  4. If you have depth perception issues, this hack is for you. To prevent you hitting the garage wall, hang a tennis ball from the ceiling to serve as a visual guide.
  5. When filling your tank, hold the trigger down halfway. You’ll get more gas and less air.
  6. Forget air fresheners. Keep your car smelling pleasant by using dryer sheets. They last longer and are less expensive than traditional air fresheners.

Here’s to safe driving! Remember if you do run into trouble, you can always count on us to take care of you!

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