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Your Choice for Auto Body Repair

14/69 Auto Body is the one-stop shop for auto services. However, we are not limited to only fixing cars that have been in accidents. Our expert team provides services ranging from paint touch-ups to auto body painting. Whether you are looking for repair options or a paint touch-up, you can be sure that 14/69 Auto Body can provide a wide range of services for your vehicle. When you visit us, you are guaranteed top-notch services, efficient repairs, and a seamless experience. Our entire staff at 14/69 Auto Body prides itself in providing you with quality service, every time you visit.

Our Quality Services

With years of experience, our skilled and professional team is professional and capable, providing you with all of your auto repair needs. Our quality services include:

  • Repair estimate
  • Insurance liaison
  • Auto body repair
  • Auto body painting
  • Auto body parts
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Boat and motor home repair
  • Big truck and semi repair
  • Fleet accounts

Trusted Repair Options

Our team at 14/69 Auto Body truly cares for you and your complete satisfaction. We are committed to providing you with a plan of action that best works for your budget, lifestyle, and needs. We understand that there may be other auto body shops that work with only profits in mind; however, at 14/69 Auto Body shop, you can trust we will provide you with expert advice and the best repair options that fit your budget. Know that when you work with our team, you make the final decisions on any and all of your repairs.

Free Auto Body Repair Estimate

Interested in working with 14/69 Auto Body? We are proud to provide you with a free auto body estimate at any of our five locations in Fort Wayne. During your free consultation, our expert team will inspect your vehicle and determine a plan of action that best fits your budget and needs. Our team is committed to your satisfaction, so feel free to ask us any of your questions. We provide custom advice and services and are always willing to listen and work with you. To book your free auto body repair estimate, please click here.

We Are Here to Help!