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WOW! The average cost of school supplies like pencils, paper, notebooks, and folders is over $100 this year.  And that is just for K-12 kids.  When factoring in clothing, shoes, electronics, and all the other goodies our kids need, the average cost skyrockets to an estimated $635.

Those numbers are staggering but to a low-income family, they are impossible.  Many families just can’t afford it so unfortunately, some kids show up on the first day of school without needed supplies, embarrassed, and heart-broken.

The amount of items that schools are asking for expands every year. Budgets get tighter, costs rise, and this leads to a perfect storm of not enough to go around.  Some teachers reach into their own pockets to fill the voids but usually it’s just not enough.

In Fort Wayne Community Schools, nearly 70% of all students qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches and that is a huge indicator of the amount of low-income families and poverty that plagues students of Fort Wayne Community Schools.  There are even 5 local elementary schools that participate in a program called Blessing In A Backpack:  students in need get a backpack full of food to take home over the weekend.

Families that struggle to have enough to eat certainly will not have enough money to purchase school supplies.  With that in mind, 14/69 Auto Body is encouraging you to participate in our Donate Like A Boss school supply drive.

For the entire summer (June, July, and August), we will be collecting, buying, and donating school supplies for underprivileged kids in the Fort Wayne area.  All donations will go to the Fort Wayne Community Schools Clothing Bank.

The best part (other than feeling good about doing something good) – It’s so easy to participate.
1. Have your car fixed at 14/69 Auto Body during June, July or August and a portion of the proceeds will be used to purchase school supplies, or
2. Stop by and donate school supplies that you already purchased (or we’ll pick them up), or
3. Donate a few cents or dollars to help toward purchasing more schools supplies.

The Fort Wayne Community Schools Clothing Bank not only provides clothing for children in need, they also help with that all too expensive “back to school” time by providing school supplies and book bags.

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