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Hey! Where do you take your car when the unthinkable happens…..Accident!? Chances are that you said 14/69 Auto Body because once again we’ve achieved the Fort Wayne Newspapers Readers’ Choice Award for being the #1 Body Shop in the Fort Wayne area. You probably don’t think of body shops when you think of your favorite things but this award is based on all the support and votes received by our loyal customers and friends so we must be on someone’s list. 2015 was the 8th year in a row that 14/69 Auto Body has been recognized as a top shop in Fort Wayne.
Although the award is nice, ultimately we try hard to please our customers every day because it’s the right thing to do. Happy customers mean customers for life and that’s our goal. “Thank you” to all our hard working employees who give our customers exceptional service and quality repairs and “thank you” to all our loyal customers that voted for us once again.

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