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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose 14/69 Auto Body?

You can trust us to be professional, knowledgeable, caring, understanding and give you the highest quality repairs. We know you’re busy and dealing with insurance and car repairs is never something you plan for so we’re here to help. We’ve listened to our customers: what they love about us and what they want more of. Based on that information, we’ve been able to create a culture that gives you what you want and need, when you want it, and in a way that you know you’re important to us. Call us today and we can get started.

Do I need an appointment for an estimate?

It’s highly recommended. We’re busy making sure we give all our customers the service they deserve and if we don’t know when you’re coming, it’s hard to give you the service you deserve. We have estimate appointments all day and it’s easy to schedule.

Can I choose 14/69 Auto Body instead of a shop the insurance company wants me to go to?

Absolutely! Although in some cases their recommendations may be appropriate, ultimately it is YOUR CHOICE! Do your homework and choose a shop that has your best interest in mind.

Do you work with my insurance company?

Yes. We work with all insurance companies. In fact, we handle the details in large part to make the experience better for you. You may hear words like Direct Repair or DRP. That simply means that the shop has a contractual agreement with the insurance company but it does not determine where you can or should have your car repaired. We do have Direct Repair relationships with many insurance companies and we work well with all other insurance companies. In short, it doesn’t matter. It’s your choice regardless of the insurance company.

HELP! I got in a car wreck. Now what?

First, take a deep breath. On average, people only file insurance claims every 17 years so chances are you’re not very good at it. That’s a good thing! That’s why we are here; your collision repair experts. Call us right now and we will walk you through what’s next.

Do I have to get more than one estimate?

Never! Sometimes you don’t even need one. Your concern should be to find a body shop that you’re comfortable with, not to drive around and get estimates. Your vehicle is most likely one of the largest investments you’ve made so choose wisely. The cheapest estimate does not mean that the body shop is the most qualified to repair your car. Contact us and we can help.

What if my insurance estimate is different than yours?

No problem. Remember, it’s just an estimate. It will give us a starting point and once your car is in the shop we will create a complete repair plan and work with you and your insurance company to get it approved.

What do I do if my car isn’t driveable?

Call us! Not having a car to drive will quickly ruin your day. We can easily have your car moved to our facility and work on getting you a rental or loaner car to drive. At the scene of the accident? Tell the police officer and tow truck driver to take it to 14/69 Auto Body.

How do I get a rental car?

The best way is to contact one of our friendly Customer Service Reps. We have relationships with Enterprise Rental Car and can get you a car quickly. We’ll help you figure out if you have coverage on your insurance policy for a rental car and navigate through the restrictions that apply. Rental cars can be picked up at our location and sometimes even delivered to you. Check out our Transportation Page for more information.

How long will my car take to get done?

Hmmmm… That’s a tough one. We’ll take good care of your car during the stay and after a full assessment, give you an expected completion date. It depends on many factors including the extent of damages to your car and even how long it takes to get parts for your car.

What kind of parts will you use on my car?

Part usage is determined by many factors. Ultimately it is based on the Indiana State Law, your insurance policy guidelines, and whatever you choose. Want more info on your choices? Check out the Parts Page. Communicate with your Customer Service Rep so we can help you determine the best option for you.

What kind of communication will I have with 14/69 Auto Body?

What do you want? Phone calls, emails, texts? We are flexible. Regular phone calls with updates are still the most common so just tell us if you prefer something different.

How will I know when my car is done?

We’ll tell you. And you will know the expected completion date in advance. We keep you up-to-date the entire time your car is with us.

Is there a warranty on the repairs?

Absolutely! No need to worry. We stand behind the work we do. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers paint, labor, materials, and parts. Check it out here for all the details.

Who do I pay my deductible to?

14/69 Auto Body. We collect your deductible when the repairs are completed. You never pay it to your insurance company.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most forms of payment. Cash is king so we’ll accept any amount. If you already have a check from the Insurance Company, just sign it over to us. You can also have your insurance company pay us directly… just ask. And we always take credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and debit cards. No personal checks please.

Can I pay for the repairs myself?

Yes. Insurance is never required and we often have customers who choose to pay for their repairs instead of filing a claim because they’re worried about their rates going up. This option can sometimes give you a little more flexibility in how you repair your car too. Want more info? Contact us and we can help.

Can I wash and wax my car after repairs?

Yes and No. Hand washing is always okay but make sure you use a clean wash mitt or towel and a mild soap. We suggest staying away from any automatic carwashes for at least 30 days. Fresh paint can scratch pretty easily and those brushes are rough on paint. We also recommend waiting 90 days to wax. That gives the fresh paint time to cure completely before sealing it with a heavy wax.

We Are Here to Help!